Originating and managing exceptional real estate investments for institutional and private capital investors.


Providing equity capital to a wide range of real estate investments.


Helping real estate entrepreneurs start and grow substantially bigger enterprises through the provision of capital and expertise.


Henley Private Equity Real Estate Investments

Henley is a Private Equity Real Estate firm operating across a broad platform, utilising institutional and private investor capital. Henley’s investment strategy is opportunistic and responsive, but also heavily risk-analysed and risk-mitigated.

Our first investment principle as a Private Equity Real Estate firm is to ensure we preserve the capital invested. The second principle is then to fully explore the multitude of options available to maximise returns. As a result our approach has generated exceptional returns for our investors since we founded in 2006 with an average IRR of 47.9% as at December 2015. This has enabled Henley to multiply its investor base and assets-under-management over this period and become known for high performance within the market. Whilst activity has concentrated in the UK, we have recently expanded to other geographies, starting with Holland and Germany. During 2016 we plan to originate JV deals in the US with high quality local partners.

We operate on a deal-by-deal basis providing our investors with concise and relevant information once a deal has been secured. This highlights the deal attributes, a clear business plan and the target for investor returns. Investors then contact us if they require further information and are interested in participation. Henley creates a Fund SPV for the investment and carries out all of the financing and asset management providing a full service approach for investors. Given our broad base of asset management skills within the Private Equity Real Estate business we are sometimes mandated by specific investors to search for a particular asset type, which we then operate on behalf of the investor. Henley will underwrite all of its own deals.

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