Seeking Great Entrepreneurs

At Henley our business excels by backing great entrepreneurs. We have developed a rare model that finds high quality entrepreneurs and creates long term joint venture partnerships from these relationships. This maximises the joint skill set of both parties enabling them to deliver optimal value to investors and the newly created JV entity alike.

We have successfully delivered this model on multiple different businesses with multiple different entrepreneurs. These businesses have grown substantially larger than they would have without their partnership with Henley. We have more entrepreneurs just starting with us now and are looking to grow with the right people.

Our model is different. Within the regular real estate space we create a Co-GP with the entrepreneur. This new JV then raises capital for deals from the significant number of Henley investors. The new JV is the General Partner that sponsors deals and the Henley investors are the Limited Partners that invest on a deal-by-deal basis into each of the deals promoted by the new JV. This model works well for entrepreneurs with access to good deal flows in a market area that has a positive macro story, needing a bigger partner with access to capital to help them seize the opportunity to grow a substantially larger business.

Our Criteria

  • Cultural fit with our values
  • Track record or unique insight
  • Evidence of sufficient deal flow and profitability
  • Meets underwriting standards on return for deals
  • Reference well
  • Exclusive and long term commitment

Please email Ian Rickwood, Garrett Solomon or Justin Meissel if you are an entrepreneur looking to substantially grow your business and think Henley would be a great platform on which to succeed.


Download our Joint Venture Partnerships Brochure

Our JV Partnerships brochure will give you a complete overview of how Henley has built a platform of successful real estate businesses by backing like-minded entrepreneurs.

Henley Joint Venture Partnership and Entrepreneurs Brochure