Family Office Advisors

Platform Overview

Henley Family Office Advisors has been established to provide a service to our growing number of family office and multiple family office partners. Its purpose is to work on specific mandates set by our partners to search, advise and then manage pre-defined real estate asset selections.

The Family Office Advisors division enables well-capitalised family offices to acquire prime real estate stock at the right price utilising the full Henley due diligence process and our in-house asset management expertise. Our service is available across our product platform. Our service is particularly helpful to non-UK Family Offices seeking asset allocation in prime European real estate markets.

For further information on Henley Family Office Advisors please contact Will Dickens or Karen Travis, Henley Family Office Advisors:

Download our Family Office Advisors brochure

Our brochure will give you a complete overview of how our division provides local partner advisory services to family offices interested in geographical markets where Henley invests – the UK, Europe and the USA.

Henley Family Office Advisors Brochure