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Henley Healthcare Investments is a private housing fund with significant resources available to invest in specialist government-supported accommodation. We offer Local Authorities and the NHS a cost neutral mechanism to commission supported housing schemes run by Registered Social Landlords. For example, specialist housing and housing-related support can help vulnerable adults live more independently in their community.

Providing supported housing not only improves people’s quality of life but is also proven to be excellent value for money, offering considerable cost savings to Local Authorities (LAs) and the NHS. At a time when budgets are being cut and demand is increasing, driven by demographics, fully integrated systems for care and support, along with housing and other services is essential.

Henley Healthcare Investments are building a portfolio of assets that have long leaseback arrangements with Local Authorities and other social housing project-initiators enabling them to have certainty of fixed accommodation for those in society who most need it.

For more information, please contact Andy Brandon, Managing Director.

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