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Platform Overview

Henley has now started its operations in the USA with offices in Boston, MA, Los Angeles (Newport Beach) and Naples, FL.

The USA business will replicate the success we have had in Europe by working closely with experienced entrepreneurs who match our Arbitrage, Distress or Dislocation strategy. We can work in any geographical area and segment of the market.

Henley is therefore actively looking for new JV GP operators with a clear plan and strong track record. Download our Entrepreneurs brochure for more information on our JVP model.

For further information, please contact Ian Rickwood, Chief Executive Officer or Garrett Solomon, USA President:

Download our Entrepreneurs brochure

Our JV Partnerships brochure will give you a complete overview of how Henley has built a platform of successful real estate businesses by backing like-minded entrepreneurs.

Henley Joint Venture Partnership and Entrepreneurs Brochure

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