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Founded in 2006, Henley is a full service Private Equity Real Estate Investment Manager. We originate and manage opportunistic deals in their own SPV funds and invite Institutional, Family Office and High Net Worth investors to join us in structured investments. We have an active deal flow and investors can cherry pick which deals to participate in. We currently have around 40 different active SPV funds in operation. Fund structures can range from one large investor to several. Total equity invested per deal currently ranges from $5m-$150m.

The majority of our investments are executed on a deal-by-deal basis providing our investors with concise and relevant information once an opportunity has been secured. This highlights the deal attributes, a clear business plan and the target for investor returns. Investors then contact us if they require further information and are interested in participation. Henley creates a Fund SPV for the investment and carries out all of the financing and asset management providing a full service approach for investors. Henley will invest its own capital along with third party limited partners into each of its deals.

In summer 2017 Henley launched its first closed end fully discretionary fund with a planned £400m target and hard cap of £600m. The fund, a Jersey Protected Unit Trust has a 25 year life and is open to large pension fund investors seeking regular inflation protected dividends.

Capital Deployed

$m 2008

$m 2010

$m 2012

$m 2014

$bn 2017

Company History

In 2006 Henley Investments was founded by Henley CEO Ian Rickwood, and initially focused on residential development in London and Surrey. In late 2006 Ian was joined by Andy Brandon initially as CFO and the business expanded into the residential investment sector.

Henley has quickly grown with a combination of fully owned divisions and the creation of new, long term, exclusive JV companies with like minded entrepreneurs, all specialists in a specific part of the market.

Residential developments is headed by Emma Rickwood under our JV entity Henley Space. Under Emma’s leadership, Henley has been involved in a number of successful development projects in London and the surrounding areas and more recently pivoted into various needs based residential accommodation. Emma has been involved with Henley since 2006.

Henley built a successful commercial portfolio from 2009-2013 in the UK under a theme of Deep Value. Since 2013 the company has been a net seller in the UK and these assets have delivered an average return of over 40% (IRR) to investors. The company is open to growing the UK commercial asset base in the post Brexit world where some new opportunities should manifest themselves.

Henley Healthcare Investments was established in 2012 as a joint venture between Henley and two entrepreneurs brothers, Omar and Ryan Al-Hasso. Paul Fray joined the team as Managing Director in 2013.

In 2014 Henley formed a new venture with Kevin and Frank Oppenheim called Henley 360, which is focused on European light industrial and office business parks. The company now has assets in Holland and Germany.

In 2015 Henley Camland was structured with Peter Nelson and Norman Paske to take on the development of large scale masterplan sites for residential and mixed use schemes in the UK. Its first deal was the purchase of a substantial part of the Ebbsfleet Garden City from Land Securities in April 2016 with a gross development value in excess of £1.8bn.

Henley launched its first USA business in August 2015 by signing a deal with hotel guru Jack DeBoer to franchise a large number of units of his WaterWalk concept, a combination of multi-family and extended stay apartments.

The USA business was underpinned with the announcement of Henley USA headed by Garrett Solomon and his team from Corbelis in Boston. The company has an active pipeline of deals across the country and is aiming to have a business the same size as its European operation within short order. Through 2017 the company has acquired assets in New York, Phoenix, Florida, Charlotte and Boston.

Most recently Henley has entered the Student Accommodation space with Henley Ark. The first assets were acquired through the summer of 2016.

Further JVs are in the pipeline as Henley continues to build its reputation as an entrepreneurial firm that backs entrepreneurs.

We are actively seeking more high quality partners.

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Our Private Equity Real Estate brochure will give you a complete overview of how Henley operates across a broad platform, utilising institutional and private investor capital.

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